Pearl MIMIC Pro

-24-Bit Steven Slate Drums 5 Sound Library 

-Multi Channel Samples With Separate -Adjustment Of Close, Overhead, and Room Mics
-IPS Touch Screen
-120GB Solid State Drive
-Top Level Burr Brown Converters
-16 Inputs Triggers
-16 Audio Outputs (8 On The Module- 8 From The DB-25 Connector)
-Two Completely Separate Mixers For Headphone and Aux Outs - Drummer Gets A Personal Mix With Effects That Does Not Affect Outputs)

-Compatible With Most Pads Manufacture, Supports Triple and Dual Zone Cymbals and Dual Zone Hi-Hat

-Aux In, MIDI In and OutSD Card Slot and USB, Imports Samples From Wave and AIFF

-Each instrument supports adjustment of Attack, Sustain, Release, Tune, Range, Pan and volume

-Play Song wav and MP3 files, metronome, and click track, individual routing to phone, stereo or individual out for each

Pearl Mimic Pro

Access 65 world-class drum kits sampled in some of the finest studio spaces. Then blend each kick, snare, tom, and cymbal with session-recorded room mics, served in glorious 24-bit, for unheard-of realism from an electronic kit. The 7" color touchscreen eliminates clunky controls for fast, intuitive navigation through the Mimic Pro's powerful features. Onboard Burr Brown converters — one of the most respected names in the game — succeed in bringing each sample to life before it hits your ears. Sixteen ins and outs with triple- and dual-zone cymbal support cater to virtually any kit, while a 120GB SSD and SD/USB support keep samples fresh as you progress from gig to gig.


The Mimic Pro gives you instant access to 65 high-end drum kits recorded in some of the world's finest studio spaces, each captured with multiple industry-leading microphones and a laundry list of legendary outboard gear. The dry tone of each drum is preserved in each sample. But you can also blend in real overhead room microphones to taste. This is not simple reverb — this is lifelike ambience captured by actual room mics in real professional studios. It's all at your fingertips with the Pearl Mimic Pro. The true dynamic range of drums Electronic drums traditionally had a dynamic range that can "max out" relatively easily with their addition of using low memory and low sample layers, made it difficult to obtain the natural,  varied sound of acoustic drums with all style of music, speed and fills variation, with mimic express the full dynamic range, from subtle pianissimo (ppp) to powerful fortissimo (fff) with all kind of speed. The GIGABYTE of audio source material was captured with this full dynamic range, allowing the sound engine to accurately reproduce a drummer's hits. Even when you play a roll, the sound engine allows the roll to flow in a natural-sounding way. Edit your sound with internal instruments layering, ASR, EQ, Compressor, Reverb and more. 

Fast multi-touch interface

The Pearl Mimic Pro's fast touchscreen interface was made user-friendly for the stage. Solid metal chassis with high quality build, gone are the cursors and endless menus of yesterday's modules. In their place is a full-color IPS touchscreen interface and single scroll wheel for quick navigation through the Mimic's kits and powerful options. Switching kits or swapping out the snare, crash, or floor tom of your preset favorites is possible on the fly.

Easy e-kit makeover

How would you like to bring last decade's electronic drums into the modern age? The Pearl Mimic Pro is compatible with triggers and pads from most major e-drum manufacturers* — including Pearl's own Tru Trac drumheads (not included). Pairing the Mimic Pro with even the most humble electronic kit or triggered acoustic drum will change the way you perform and record.  To take full advantage of the mimic wide dynamic range that translate to the sound, it's very important to make fine adjustments of your trigger setting at first. The depth of a rim shot, the strike location on a ride cymbal, and the angle of a crash cymbal are all things that contribute to the subtle differences of each drummer's playing style. These subtlties must be accurately detected by the pad’s signal. 


Light player or Heavy foot? The Pearl Mimic Pro use advanced sensor technology without using midi thecnologie triggering inside, which exceed by far traditional 127 step level pad to module resolution. Adjust the sensitivity so that your lightest touches are felt. Then adjust the velocity to respond with your finger draw in any kind. Complete crosstalk cancellation by simply striking a pad, you will never have any crosstalk. 16 Inputs Triggers is possible plus 8 new instruments triggering via midi, total of 24 triggers per users kits with low latency. Mesh pads, silicone, rubber pads, use the pads you like. Generally, mesh heads are very sensitive to soft strikes, while silicone-rubber heads have a consistent striking sensitivity across their surface. (No "hot spot")  You can use the kick, snare, hi-hat, cymbal, and percussion pads that you prefer. Of course, you can also continue using the pads that you already have.

Technologies, Support and Updates

MIMIC PRO using modern hardware, actual OS is expandable for new feature, enhancement and new sound library pack, to keep you up to date, there is no real limitation.